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Holistic Approach in Naturotherapy

If you believe that pain, symptoms, and diseases are created from within,
then you can also heal yourself by listening to the message that your Soul is trying to send you,
and by giving your body what he really needs to be healthy and vibrant.


This Holistic session is based on the pure fundamentals of BioGenesis and PsychoSynthesis, Naturopathic sciences that study the relations between our emotions, state of mind, core beliefs and their influence on our health.

Diane uses her “channeling gift” to “scan” your energy field to “feel” where the energy is blocked and why. Next she gets in touch with your Soul, your inner Light, to perceive what are the easiest and most effective changes you can make inside yourself and through your daily routine (food, supplements, essentials oils, habits and more) in order to get better quickly.


Session times vary from 50 minutes to an hour, and can be done thru Internet anywhere in the world. A recording of the session will be sent to you afterwards by email (in mp3 format).

Canadian & US rate: 150$ - International rate: 150€

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