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I am pleased to offer a whole lot of activities all more luminous from one another! Instead of “working hard” on ourselves, why not simply take PLEASURE in vibrating together in the Fifth dimension and letting the Divine Energy transform us from the INSIDE?



Diane LeBlanc/ Bianca Gaïa
PhD in Naturopathic Medicine specialized in psychosynthesis, creator of Quintessence

Coaching method, internationally renowned channel, speaker, trainer and author of the books

Welcome in the 5th dimension and Born to Heal.



Already offered in French in five different countries, these workshops are now available in English all over the world! If you know of opportunities for speaking engagements at bookstores, associations or organizations in your area that might be interested in hearing Diane lecture about the Fifth Dimension, please contact us by email :

Also Available: Private Channeling Sessions, thru Skype or Messenger.


An evening of Channelling    Conversation with your Soul

Live an unforgettable experience: an evening of meditation, visualization and channelling, where you are invited to reconnect intimately with your Guardian Angel “within”, the voice of your inner Divine Light… as you benefit from his teaching and personalized messages.


Half-day Workshop            Reconnection with your Soul Family

What if you belong to a Family of Souls that can help you integrate your incarnation’s contract and achieve the purpose here on Earth? This intensive very popular half-day workshop offers you to live an initiatory experience: reconnecting with your brothers and sisters of Light by the conscious activation of your governing chakra.


Week-End Workshop          Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

This very popular 2½ days seminar, available for several years in French in Canada and in Europe, will easily teach you how to regain your own unlimited inner power and integrate your Divine Quintessence—the state of Grace that opens the door to the fifth dimension. This self-coaching method is based on many contemporary schools of thought simply gathered to help you:

• Explore the five dimensions of your Being

• Activate your Ruling Chakra and reconnect to your Soul Family

• Identify your incarnation contract and define your Soul’s mission

• Gain access to your Multidimensional Wisdom

• Participate actively in raising the planetary consciousness 

One-day Workshop
Awakening of your own inner Light

Discover simple, easy and joyful tools to reconnect with the universal luminous energy in order to bring to life your emerging natural intuition, spiritual gifts and your capacity to channel information transmitted by those who guide your every steps.


One-day Workshop            A day in Heaven

What would you say about spending a whole day in the Fifth dimension? If you’d like to experiment your Divine Quintessence in simplicity, easiness and joy, throughout plenty of resourcing activities for your heart and soul… while developing an intimate complicity with your brothers and sisters of Light, celestial as well as terrestrial.


One-day Workshop            Children of the new Millennium

They might be called Indigo, Cristal, Gold or Rainbow children, one thing is for sure: the children today are different from those of the previous generations. This intensive one-day seminar is intended to their parents, teachers and/or tutors, in order to help them raise the veil on those exceptional children and answer the numerous questions they have about them.


Professional Training         Quintessence Coaching

This very dense series of 4 week-end of 3 days workshops is specially designed for those who would like to transmit the teachings from the book “Welcome in the 5th dimension” through personalized individual sessions or seminars according to the “Quintessence Coaching” approach.


For more info and/or to find out how to make a reservation, contact us by email :









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