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One on One Sessions


Diane LeBlanc/ Bianca Gaïa
PhD in Naturopathic Medicine specialized in psychosynthesis,
Creator of Quintessence Coaching method,
internationally renowned Channel, Speaker, Trainer
and Author of the book Welcome to the 5th dimension.


Diane is delighted to offer the following private sessions
thru internet, in French as well as in English.




Channeling “Soul to Soul”

An intimate “rendezvous” with your own inner Divine Self, your Soul,
who will reveal the most important messages for you here & now, in order
to guide you towards a wonderful life of bliss and spiritual awareness…

Activation of your Ruling Chakra
Reconnection to your Soul Family

Through our ruling chakra, we can feel the reassuring presence of those who

love us the most, our soul family, the ones who constantly whisper in our ears,

“Go on, you can do it. We are here, and we believe in you.”

Holistic Approach in Naturotherapy

If you believe that pain, symptoms, and diseases are created from within,
then you can also heal yourself by listening to the message that your Soul is trying to send you,
and giving your body what he really needs to be healthy and vibrant.

Psycho-Energetic Assessment

Commonly called "Aura Reading", this exclusive service is an
in-depth analysis of your personality and the colors of your energetic field.

Soul Whisperer for Pets

If you dream of understanding your animals’ needs better,
their feelings toward your and/or what is their purpose in your life,
Diane can communicate with any species or breed, at any age,
or even across the veil after your pet has passed.

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