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Psycho-Energetic Assessment

Commonly called "Aura Reading", this exclusive service is an
in-depth analysis of your personality and the colors of your energetic field.


Did you ever compare your life to a puzzle? At one point you may have had several pieces of “puzzle” in your hand that seem to go together but yet cannot properly assemble them to makes sense. Do you go through timeshaving the impression of re-living the same ambiguous situations or making the same mistakes repeatedly, without being able to change anything? Perhaps you simply lack perspective… Diane’s Psycho-Energetic Assessment is the perfect tool to help you put the pieces of your inner puzzle together and finally understand who you really are…

Internationally renowned coach, specializing in holistic health and energetic medicine, Diane has developed over twenty years a unique technique of remote perception of the colors of energy fields, allowing an in-depth analysis of your subtle energies in all your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, causal, supra-causal and beyond).

Commonly called “Aura Reading”, the Psycho-Energetic Assessment is carried out in two stages:

At first, she connects to the “sensory” data emitted by your energetic bodies, and records this information in an illustrated 8-page document which includes graphics highlighting your different strenghts and / or the energy blockages present;

Next, an agreed upon appointment is scheduled during which Diane will share those discoveries with you, both in terms of your personality, your moods, your ways of thinking and your degree of openness to a level of consciousness. Each of the chakras is then described in detail to reflect the challenges that you have had to overcome during your existence, as well as the learnings that are currently presented to you. Added to this is an intuitive energy harmonization to promote the conscious integration of this data into your cellular memory, as well as allowing time to answer the questions that have risen during the process.

If your appointment is remote, communication can be done via Skype or Messenger (Facebook). In addition, it is possible for us to send you the recording of our conversation in the following days of the rendezvous. Session times vary from 50 minutes to an hour.

Canadian & US rate: 250$ - International rate: 250€

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