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Activation of your Ruling Chakra
Reconnection to your Soul Family

Through our ruling chakra, we can feel the reassuring presence of those who

love us the most, our soul family, the ones who constantly whisper in our ears,

“Go on, you can do it. We are here, and we believe in you.”


Your soul family is made up of your guardian angels and your guides, as well as all those on Earth who are on the same vibrations as you. It also includes some of the ascended masters who, in certain specific circumstances, will choose to work from a specific soul family. Long before your incarnation, the choice of your soul family is made according to the areas in which you most need to be secured.


Before incarnating, we already possess broad knowledge, skills, and wisdom that we aspire to transmit around us in the best way possible. But there is always a small amount of worry that we will fail at it, and as a result we associate with the soul family that will allow us to consolidate our inner flaws to allow us to go forward.


Our ruling chakra is our best way to connect to our soul family, which allows us to rebalance and reinforce the parts of ourselves that feel fragile or that wonder whether they will succeed in accomplishing their individual as well as collective destiny. But, since we’re all different, the ruling chakra could be anyone of the seven energy centers of our body…


There are various ways to identify your ruling chakra: you can use a pendulum or a dowsing-wand pointer used to measure energy fields, but these methods are not fully reliable, as a chakra that is too open can often alter the readings. You can also use your intuition or simply try to feel the energy by going over your body with your hands, looking for which of the seven centers is really your ruling chakra. Finally, some people, including me and numerous energy healers, possess the ability to remotely sense your aura and can help you identify it.


If you believe that you need help to activate your ruling chakra, Bianca Gaia can individually assist you in a live internet session. This energetic activation session takes about 50-60 minutes, during which you’ll learn a little bit more about your incarnation’s contract and the unique way you can divinely contribute to make this world a better place, for yourself and others.

Canadian & US rate: 150$ - International rate: 150€


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