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Positive affirmation


Congratulations! You have chosen to say YES to the manifestation of your full creating power in divine love towards yourself and all living things. From now on, all your cells are being activated to affirm: “I AM”, loud and clear.


You no longer have to make any effort, to fight or “work hard”, for “all is already accomplished”, by your inner divinity radiating more each day. This ultimate recognition of the Self is the key to open the door of the 5th dimension, allowing you to bathe in a perpetual state of Grace: the joy of your Quintessence.


The multidimensional being that you ARE has access to all the wisdom of the Creation. Everything your cellular memory has recorded throughout the ages is available to you from now on. You simply have to ask in all confidence.


You ARE invited to get a symbolic object to carry on you at all times (a bracelet or a stone for example) which will be an expression of this luminous decision. It will contribute to remind you that, from now on, your beings multidimensionality, your divine Essence, acts through you: you just have to let it BE.


This way, the next time you will encounter a difficulty, experience a problem or troubling event, simply ask yourself the following question: “Could it be that I already have been through this challenge in this life or in a previous one and that I came out of it fine?” Most certainly the answer is YES! You then only have to ask all your living cells to access here and now the perfect solution... which will appear without delay, even beyond your expectations!









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