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Channeling “Soul to Soul”

An intimate “rendezvous” with your own inner Divine Self, your Soul,
who will reveal the most important messages for you here & now, in order
to guide you on your path to a wonderful life of bliss and spiritual awareness…


The multidimensional being that you are has access to all the wisdom of creation. You no longer have to make any effort, to fight or to work hard for all is already accomplished by your inner divinity, radiating more each day. This ultimate recognition of the self is the key to open the door of the fifth dimension, allowing you to bathe in a perpetual state of grace: the joy of your Quintessence.


Everything your cellular memory has recorded throughout the ages is available to you from within. You simply have to ask for it with confidence, so that it will all be revealed to you just for your own benefit and wellness… And if you need help to get in touch with this wonderful light inside yourself, Bianca Gaia can “channel” the voice of your soul, so that you can share with the better part of yourself all the questions and concerns that worries you as per what’s happening in your life right now…


Session times vary from 50 minutes to an hour, and can be done thru Internet anywhere in the world. A recording of the session will be sent to you afterwards by email (in mp3 format).

Canadian & US rate: 150$ - International rate: 150€

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